Aims & Objectives

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Aims & Objectives

The School aims to contribute to the full intellectual, physical, social, aesthetic, moral and spiritual development of each child in order to prepare them for participation in contemporary Australian society and to equip them for their secondary education and lifelong learning by: 

  • establishing a caring community;
  • offering a system of pastoral care and concern;
  • encouraging a responsible approach to study so that each child can reach the highest level of academic achievement of which they are capable;
  • encouraging students to make the most of their strengths;
  • encouraging the pursuit of excellence;
  • encouraging children to develop self-discipline and accept responsibility within a clearly defined and understood policy that is also flexible enough to provide for their differing needs;
  • encouraging the exploration of values consistent with the School’s broad and inclusive Anglican ethos and heritage;
  • offering a broad academic curriculum including a comprehensive sporting and music program;
  • supporting and promoting the principles and practice of Australian democracy;
  • promoting Christian values and offering the opportunity for regular worship; 

In offering a quality education designed to maximise learning outcomes, care and attention to the individual are seen as a high priority.