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History & Heritage

In 1876 a substantial school hall was erected on the existing site and by 1898, Christ Church Grammar School was established as a choir school for boys, with the Reverend Charles Perry in charge.

In 1906 Christ Church Grammar was registered under the Education Act of that year - registered number 330. The school was strictly a choir school until 1920 when the first girl was enrolled - seven year old Clarice Lindsay from St Kilda. Christ Church became coeducational approximately fifty years prior to recent trends. Since then parents have sought admission for their daughters and sons, recognising the importance of a premium quality, independent education.

Christ Church Grammar School is the only remaining Anglican parish primary school in Victoria. Despite becoming a co-educational school as early as 1921, its student numbers have grown steadily since then averaging 400 since the 1980s.

Some Key Moments in our History

1898 The doors open as a primary school only (for boys) designed to cater for families. Traditionally established to populate a boy's choir for the church. The church would provide an education in return for choir duty; in essence, the very first music scholarships in Victoria and maybe Australia.

1921/2 The first provider of coeducational education in Melbourne. There was a female student in 1921, but it was not until 1922 that it became standard policy. At the end of 1922 Miss Esdaile, then head, initiated the admission of girls.

1924 Foundation Stone layed by Governor General of Australia and Christ Church parishioner, Baron Forster. As Canberra was not yet completed, the Governor General of Australia resided in Melbourne.

1939 Parent's Association began

1939/40 Kindergarten opens to meet demands during the war years as women went to work when husbands went to war

1953 State Education Department inspector said, 'high appreciation of the standard of work of the school in all departments'. The inspector also commented on the school's appearance and specifically its cleanliness, calling it 'a very good school'. 

1969 Remedial teaching began as a discipline and is integrated into teaching to help children with learning difficulties. 

1975 After school care program begins

1998 Centenary celebrations 

2003 Anne Wardley wing opens housing new classrooms and science laboratory