Care for students

Care for students

In implementing our support programs an open, positive partnership between our staff and parents is imperative

Individual Differences at Christ Church Grammar School

At Christ Church Grammar the Australian Curriculum is read and implemented as a ‘continuum of learning’, where pupils can be working towards Achievement Standards above, at or below their current year level

If a student demonstrates competency levels greater than those articulated for their year level then they will be afforded immediate opportunities to begin work on advanced Achievement Standards and Content Descriptors. Likewise, students who demonstrate they are not meeting the minimum requirements of their year level’s Achievement Standards are given the appropriate support to progress and improve in their learning.

At Christ Church, this is achieved through:
  • Formally assessing students using diagnostic, summative and standardised assessments in English and Mathematics throughout the year
  • General Ability Assessments
  • Occupational Therapy Screening in the Early Years
  • Phonological Awareness Screening in the Early Years
  • Preparatory Screening
  • Individualised Assessment
Provision of Support or Extension Programs
  • Providing a timetable that enables students to be grouped into learning ‘sets’ in specific learning domains across a year level, where targeted teaching to their identified learning needs can occur-Mathematics and Literacy
  • Providing extension or support classes through the school’s Individual Differences Department for identified students
  • Providing explicit individualised programs for children with needs
  • Classroom and Specialist Teachers planning for differentiation in their lessons
Targeted Support Programs
  • Year 1 Reading Support Programs
  • Year 2-6 Reading Support as needed
  • Year 2-6 Spelling Support as needed
  • Year 3 Book Conferencing: Establishing home reading
Targeted Extension Programs
  • Year 3-6 English Extension
  • Year 6 Night of the Notables Program
  • Year 6 Film Study
  • Year 3-6 Bookclub Program
  • Competitions:
    • Maths Olympiad
    • Dorothea Mackellar Poetry Competition
    • Maths Talent Quest
    • ICAS Competition: English, Mathematics and Science
Individual Differences Department

The Individual Differences Department is integral in the process of assessment and implementation of support programs for pupils at Christ Church Grammar School. Small group or individual programs run across year levels to support and extend pupils in Literacy and Numeracy.

The Department acts as an ongoing resource for staff and the close working relationship between the department and all staff makes it an integral part in the education of all pupils.

Key to our pupils’ development is the welfare of each and every individual and our team is a key contributor to their care and wellbeing. In implementing our support programs an open, positive partnership between our staff and parents is valued. The program support group meetings and regular parent teacher meetings have been an active and regular form of communication between the parents, specialists and teachers of individual students. The staff use the Individual Learning Plan as a means to record differentiation. Students with special needs have specific goals set that are evaluated regularly to ensure our programs are catering for their needs.

We adhere to the policy and processes established to ensure the smooth transition of students with special needs across year levels.