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Christ Church Grammar School Term - 1 Tuckshop Menu 2016 (This menu is available Monday, Wednesday & Friday) 

Sandwiches – Choose Your Own  
Vegemite or Honey $2.30
Cheese Only  $3.20
One Filling Sandwich (Protein) $4.45
Salad is 3 Vegetable Fillings $4.65
Add any of below fillings for 75¢ ea
Choice of fillings  
Sweet Chilli Chicken Tenders, Chicken,  Tuna, Ham, Egg,
Carrot, Beetroot, Pineapple, Cucumber, Lettuce, Tomato 
Please indicate White, whole meal or Turkish Rolls & wraps (extra 0.80 cents).   
Popper juice -250 ml  (Orange or Apple Flavour)  $2.60
Juicy Ice Stick  ( Zooper Dooper)  $1.65
Strawberry/Chocolate Milk (low fat)-300 ml  $2.70
Coco Pops & Liquid Breakfast $2.70
Homemade Cookies/Muffins  $2.90
Fresh Fruit Salad (Seasonal)  $4.35
Flavored Yoghurt (Low Fat)  $2.60
Pop Corn (Bag)  $1.00
Menu Options  (Eat & Enjoy in Moderation)  
Chicken Nuggets (Crumbed Breast Fillet, Baked not Fried ,serving size 3 pieces)  $2.05
Hotdogs(Reduced Fat & Sodium)  $4.05
Pizza-Low fat ( Supreme or  Ham & Pineapple)  $5.25
Beef Burger, Lettuce& Mayonnaise  $6.35
Chicken Burger, Lettuce& Mayonnaise  $6.35
Dim Sims (Steamed Only- serving size 2) $1.85
Vegetarian Dim Sims (Steamed Only- serving size 2)  $1.85
Noodles Beef or Chicken $3.75
Jumbo Sausage Roll (120gms)  $3.95
Traditional Meat Pie (120gms)  $3.95
Tomato Sauce, Soy  Sauce or Salad Dressing  65¢
Menu Options (Encourage & Promote these Foods & Drinks)  
Sushi (Tuna,  Chicken, Cucumber) 2 portions   $3.60
Caesar Salad (Lettuce, eggs, croutons, lean ham diced,
reduced fat shredded cheese & reduced fat Caesar dressing)
Ricotta & Spinach Ravioli with Napoli Sauce  $5.85

All Prices incl GST.

*** If you have forgotten to place an order please call the school before 9:30am 

***  Payments can be made by: Cash (Please see our Tuck shop manager) or EFT 

Please Note:  You can open an account with Cater Care Australia (please see   our Tuck shop Manager).  Account must be in credit with $50.00 to be activated & must remain in credit to be used. Sufficient funds must be maintained in the account for any orders to be placed. Payments can be made by direct deposit to our account as follows.  (please note when paying by EFT you must include your family name followed by CCGS, i.e. Brown family CCGS):   National Australia Bank, Parramatta   BSB No: 082 330   Account No:  479 450 707 ABN & GST Registration No:  88 090 462 570  Credit remaining at the end of each term will be automatically transferred to the next term unless otherwise notified